This year we will start early with a friendly competition in a WALK ACROSS CANADA!!! Open to all NEC staff and students we will log our trek from our college to the First Nations University of Canada in Regina Saskatchewan. This fun walk/run initiative is to encourage students to be active and engage in a healthy and fun leisure activity. By recording individual walk/run distances and tabulating our team effort we will be able to map our journey across Canada.

This WALK ACROSS CANADA will lead us right into the preparation for the Vancouver Sun Run!

The walk/run team begins its season on February 3rd in preparation for the Vancouver Sun Run and training sessions usually take place at China Creek Park and along the seawall. The walk/run team provides a great opportunity to socialize and be active at the same time. Participants receive guidance as to how to develop personal fitness goals and the confidence and motivation needed to remain active after the completion of the program.