The NEC coed soccer team trains in the fall in preparation to participate in the Harry Manson Memorial Soccer Tournament in North Vancouver. The soccer team is the newest addition to the NEC Nighthawks programming and we look forward to further developing and expanding this program.

This years we were able to put together 4 teams and host a small event with soccer players from Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center. Robert Janning the organizer of The Harry Manson Memorial Soccer Tournament had approached us in hosting a fun one night soccer tournament, which we gladly held at the Creekside Community Centre on October 24, 2006. Teams were put together, soccer was played, and fun was had! We received placement metals and pictures with the fully-restored Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association (1891).

Thanks to all those who participated and we look forward to further endeavors playing soccer in next years Harry Manson Memorial Soccer Tournament.