Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball




Women’s Basketball Team

Athletes on our Nighthawks Women’s Basketball Team receive an well-organized sport experience, which includes professional coaches, games refereed by qualified officials, the opportunity to play in games against local Aboriginal and College teams, and participating spectators. Players come to practices regularly and work on improving their skills during their own time.

Our basketball teams and the NEC-SFU Native Basketball Festival are open to non-Aboriginal friends of the community with a limited number of non-Aboriginal exception players permitted on each team. In this way we use sport as a tool to bring diverse groups of people together and break down barriers between Aboriginal communities and the wider sport community. The basketball program has led to elevated school spirit, enhanced athletes’ self-identity and esteem, leadership development and increased physical fitness.

Our dream is to secure sustainable funding to become the only Aboriginal college in Canada with competitive men and women’s soccer and basketball teams participating in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA).